Community Christmas Card

Annually, we ask members and friends of the Parish to participate in the Community Christmas Card.  A “Community Christmas Card” is one where the Faithful make a donation and have their names listed on one beautiful card that is then mailed out to all of the Parishioners and Friends of the Parish.  The funds raised from this card go to the Pastor’s Benevolent Fund.  This fund allows the Priest to provide help anonymously to those in need of immediate assistance.

A minimum donation of $25.00 is required to have your family’s name(s) placed on the card.  Please consider making your tax-exempt donation greater than the minimum donation so there will be enough funds in the Pastor’s Benevolent Fund to last through 2018.

The form below along with a check or cash should be given either to Sylvia Mourtakos or to or mailed to the church (202 N. Walnut, Webster TX 77598).  Check should be made out to St. John the Theologian and For “Christmas Card” should be written on the envelope if mailed to the Church.  All forms and payments must be received by December the 9th.  If you have questions, contact Sylvia at 832-865-1289 or e-mail You can also email the Church Office at

2018 Community Christmas Card Form